The E City Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Competition!

by Brandia Frazier

On Thursday May 2, 2019 I went to the E-City Young Entrepreneur of The Year Competition.  This event was at the EY building located at in the Flats. This was a very fun event with very smart teens. The top five E-City finalists had to pitch their businesses. This event had a very nice set-up. In the room you can see a judges table and chairs lined up in a row.  

What is E-City you may ask? E-City helps teens develop an entrepreneurial mindset and acquire financial capabilities by learning how to create business plans and conduct market research using the award-winning Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) curriculum. E-City also provides employability skills and connects youth with employment and college access.

What schools are part of this program? E-City JOG is offered at Glenville High School, Horizon Science Academy, JFK High School, John Adams High School, Lincoln West High School, John Marshall High School, Shaw High School, and Thomas Harvey High School.

The top five finalists where Jeffco Brushes by Jefferson Adjetey, A hair brush that by a click of a button you can add your hair lotions or styling gels.What make the brush so special it is made by a black young men and it is for all hair types. Easy Business by Ghala Allahaldy, This is a highlighter where in six months the marking of it is gone. Cordi by Smantha Doeing, A way you can keep all your cords from tangling up. This is a safe and organized ponch. Sweet Cakes by Alexis Ervin, This is a cupcake for everyone to enjoy. This is a non-gmo, no sugar, diabetit and vegan friendly. She also deliver and wants to target the Lakewood area. Heel Protector by Heidy Valenuela, was about an attachable patch that blocks out the noise of the heel and has a strong grip allowing you to walk quietly and safely. All of these young entrepreneurs have great companies.

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Michael Jeans President and CEO of Growth Opportunity Partners,INC. He started talking about his background. He was telling us when he was younger and in the ninth grade how he saw a wallet in the school parking lot and he picked it up and looked at the ID and he didn't know who the lady was and he took the wallet to the school office. A year later the lady on the ID was his tenth grade techar and he saw a little boy playing with some kid locker and he told the boy to stop. The boy didn't and he took one of the three coats that was in the locker. He thought is he took the coats from him and put in his locker and put it back by the end of the day. Well that didn't happen and the one little boy said he was planning to take the coats. They went down town with their mothers and long story short the police let Michael and his mother home and the other little boy got sent to jail. Michael Jeans said “how you present your image is one of the most important parts of having someone trusting you or being in your corner.“

Next the student panel had came up and started talking about their businesses. The event was hosted by Jill Katzenberg with the two second place winners and last year winner. The student panel where Reagan Ivy, Christian Padiera, and last year winner Mykia Woodard. It was very inspiring to see teens are becoming CEO, making good money and spending their time doing something good.

At this time it was time to announce the winner of the 2019 E City Young Entrepreneur of The Year Competition. The two Fourth place winners were Jefferson Adjetey with Jeffco Brushes and Ghala Allahaldy with Easy Business. They were awarded $100 each to invest in their businesses.

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The third place winner was Alexis Ervin with Sweet Cakes. She was awarded $250 to invest in their business. The second place winner was Heidy Valenuela with Heel Protector and she was awarded $500 to invest in her business.

The first place winner was Samantha Doeing with Cordi. She was awarded $1000 to invest in her business and the title of 2019 E City Young Entrepreneur of The Year. In addition she will be recognized at EY entrepreneur of the Year gala this summer and she will qualify to compete at the national NFTF competition in New York.

I would like to congratulate everyone who is making their dreams come true by hard work and using the gifts you all have.