The Freshest Cleveland

By Asia Armour

This past Saturday, September the 7th was the Fresh Fest Cleveland. It was held at Otter Park which is located between East 81st and 82nd near Woodhill Rd. First off, let me say that I have NEVER been back there and did not know that this place existed.

The park was super easy to navigate. It was big enough to provide enough space for the visitors but small enough for you to not get lost, which I loved. This was a free event and open to the public. There were all kinds of activities for families to participate in, painting classes, a meditation course, basketball tournaments, cooking classes, and demos. It was very family-friendly. There was a free-standing wall for kids interested in graffiti and mural art, giving them the chance to try spray painting in a safe and designated environment.

There were all kinds of fresh food vendors and shopping. I got some vegan mac and cheese, cause I love mac no matter the form. It was pretty good, I just wish it was hot. It was kind of lukewarm and I like my food piping hot. I found a stand that sold some of the best fresh lemonade I’ve tasted all summer. I don’t think they made it with sugar either. It was so good I went back 3 times.

Other cool things about this festival was the concert, there was a collection of local artists that performed and the headlining act was Biz Markie. Now let me just say that I wasn’t that excited to see homie because I’m just not of that generation. I was thinking that he’d rap the only 2 songs that we knew of his (no shade to him) and then that’d be it…However I got a very pleasant surprise, he was DJing and was good as hell.

He played 90’s and 2000s hits. The crowd was rocking, I could not stop dancing. Even though there were a lot of great vendors I only bought a bottle of smell good oil (I’m on a budget) and was cool with that. There was beer and wine served from local wine and breweries.

So let's just pause here, because I didn’t know that there was a winery on Hough! It’s called Chateau Hough, the wine was soooo good. I’m definitely going to have to visit them. There were awesome local bands, rappers, and DJs. I got to eat lunch in a greenhouse which was super nice. I loved every minute of that. I honestly only came to this event to see what it was about, the plan was to walk around for a few minutes and go. What was supposed to be a few minutes turned into a few hours and me staying until the festival ended. I loved everything about Fresh Fest Cleveland and I cannot wait until next year! I will definitely be back!

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