Tall Ships Festival

by I’Kisha Lang

July 12th, 2019. I went to the place where “City meets the Lake,” the North Coast Harbor. The North Coast Harbor is apart of  the grounds which the famous Science Center and The Rock Hall sit on. 

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Today in particular, the Science center and Rock Hall hosted the Festival of Ships. The Festival included diverse food stands, cool games, tours of the ships and so much more.  A few of the ships were actually museums. This was a great feature to incorporate in a festival where ships are the focus. It was also permitted to aboard the ships with a small fee. It is totally worth the sacrifice. 

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One ship that I enjoyed the most was the William G. Mather (Cleveland-Cliffs) ship. You will be amazed at the actual size and length and depth of the ship. Just walking onto the HUGE ship triggered thoughts of  “ How did they even get all of the nails and screws to hold all of this together?” Or “ How many people did it take to build this ?” There were so many questions of interest running through my brain. 


The ships are available for you adventure from July 11th-14th from 9 a.m until 6 p.m. There is an admission fee, $0- 25. But if you’d love to save a few dollars on your ticket you can use the code INCLE to receive $2 off the cost of admission.