Let us promote your business, product or event

We love working with businesses that are doing great things for our community. Let Black Girl in the CLE showcase your business, event or product with a sponsored blog post or sponsored promotion of your event or production of an event at your location.

We offer

  • Consulting services- It’s what we do, showcase Cleveland… but let us showcase your organization, venue or event. Short term and ongoing options available.

  • Special Event Production- Let us create an event or series of events for your venue.

  • Run an ad on a podcast episode for as low as $50

  • Event promotion- Free and paid options, be included in our weekly event blast. Yes! List my event

  • Host a VIP membership night out- We will bring our guest to your venue for a special night out

  • Give-aways to our readers

  • Sponsored post- We will promote, attend and write about your event

**Please note in order to keep Black Girl in the CLE sustainable we can not accept offers to cover events for tickets or exposure while supporting our writers.

Some of our events