CIFF Review: Adventures in Public School

This movie was so funny! This Canadian movie was about a young man’s, Liam also know as Maria, quest to attend public school in hopes to get close to a girl. Having been homeschooled all of his life, his mother had a few concerns.

This film was not only funny but heartwarming with some cringe worthy moments due to Liam’s lack of socialization and the moronic public school personnel.


This film was also a story about letting go for both Liam/Maria and his mother as they prepared for his first day of school.

The movie was hosted by Engage Cleveland, the young professional organization. As a not-so “young” professional with teenagers, this movie left me reflecting on my family life and children. I realized that I would never be as supportive as Liam’s mom when it comes to teaching him everything she thought he needed to know.  If you see the movie, you’ll be glad I’m not that mom. It was so cool, and funny, to watch her deliver the lessons she thought he needed to know.

I loved watching Liam’s adventures, misadventures, and can see why this was named as Canada’s Ten-Best Film.

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