CIFF Review- Quest

(USA)  When you go see a film at CIFF, be ready to have movie experience unlike anything else. Film festivals often come with special guests. Santiago Rizzo, the director and producer of Quest, gave us insight before the movie and a very powerful Q&A session after the movie.

I love when the director or cast members allow us into their vision and the characters they portrayed. This usually happens in a film with depth.

Santiago greeted us before the film letting us know that this is a true story and to look for something special at the end.

I don’t know think anyone realized that it was his story. A story about his pain and struggle that was met with trust and love from a teacher and a coach.

Santiago’s story mirrors those of many young kids. He is very passionate about showing just how important it is to show and provide love to kids who aren’t getting it. He spoke of showing the film in Juvenile Detention Centers and the overwhelming response from the kids there confirming that this film’s message is needed.

Coach Tim told Santiago that if he ever lost his way, to make this film. It’s a good thing he did lose his way because he created a masterpiece for his first film. Tim would be so proud.

Quest is showing again today at 4:05 pm at Tower City Cinemas. If you can’t make it you can find out more about Quest at here. You can also find it on IMDb at Quest the movie which is also their Instagram name.

The message in this film is for everyone. Especially in these times. We have to do better. Santiago stands in his belief that the truth always rises and only love can heal. I wholeheartedly believe that too. Well done!


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