CIFF Review: The Changeover

(New Zealand) A coming of age film reminded me of Twilight sans vampires and wolves. Laura Chant aka Lolly, the heroine, and her beau Sorensen had that dreamy relationship like Bella and Edward except she was a “Sensitive” and he was a witch. They were good too.

The evil guy was very creepy. I was creeped out the moment he appeared on screen. But for some odd reason Lolly’s little brother was attracted to him. The film was about the change Lolly went thru to protect and ultimately save her brother Jacko, a little cutie.

Intriguing plot but a few gaps in the story that left me wanting to know more. I might be inclined to read the book. If you like drama with supernatural elements check this film out. And there were no subtitles because English is spoken in New Zealand.

Bonus: I thought I recognized Sorensen’s mom but I couldn’t recall who she was until the credits. My girl Lucy Lawless also known as Xenia: Warrior Princess was the icing on the cake. I also thought the soundtrack was fitting. It opened with a track I like from one of my Pandora stations.

Screening again 4/9

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