CIFF Review: Five Fingers for Marseille

I saw my new favorite movie at #CIFF42 Wednesday night.

Five Fingers for Marseille, a thriller set in South Africa, was a thrill to watch.

It had that Western cowboy vibe like Marlina the Murderer in 4 Acts the first movie I saw at CIFF42.

I didn’t know South Africa had terrain like the American West just like I didn’t know Indonesia had that terrain too.

It was a coming of age/thriller about 5 youth (The Fingers) who grew up in a sleepy shanty town against the backdrop of apartheid. 

It had an element of social justice and exposed social threats the town Railway experienced in the aftermath of a tragic event.

The plot didn’t take long to develop and the acting was on point.

The hero, Tau the Lion, played by Vuyo Dabola was hard, ruthless, complicated and fine.

The evil dude, Ghost, played the heck out of his role. He made this scary grunting noise that cracked me up. It was the perfect sound for a villain.

It felt experimental, art house mixed with a little macabre yet somehow worked. Think cowboy hats with traditional South African garb. Saloons serving whisky and South African beer. A horse, a shootout, and a Chinese family trying to make a living in South Africa. I know. That’s art house. It’ll shake up what you think you know.

The plot, the story made all the experimental elements come together nicely.

I left the Green theater at CIFF42 satisfied that I picked another best in class film. Too bad it’s not screening again at the festival. I want everybody to see this film. It’s a good one.

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