Q. Is the site only for black girls?  Can I read it if I'm not black?

A. This site and most of our events are open to everyone.  Our blogs are meant to highlight a diverse perspective of events and places in Cleveland.  As African-American females (or black girls) with an eclectic mix of taste and cultures, we often walk into many spaces and places only to find that we are one of a few minorities present. 


Q. Why the name Black Girl?

A. Simply, it's our creator's last name, Black. Secondly, it's who WE are, black girls in Cleveland, Ohio.


Q. Tell me a little about the bloggers.

A. We're all NE Ohio natives who come from unique backgrounds and experiences. We are entrepreneurs, professionals, and educators.


Q. How did Black Girl in the CLE begin?

A. During the summer of 2016, Shana attended a few very cool events in CLE, but noticed there weren't many people like her at these events. When she posted pics on social media, her friends commented they wished they knew about these events. Shana wanted to share her experiences with others so she grabbed some friends who were always doing cool things to join her in this project.


Q. What's the purpose of Black Girl in the CLE?

A. As women of color, we desire to showcase and share our experiences at cool, interesting events and places around the Greater Cleveland area. We also desire to cultivate a spirit of sisterhood and community that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries at our events.  


Q. Do you ever come to the West Side or Akron?

A. Our focus is the Greater Cleveland area so we are often crossing the river between the east and west side to attend events and check out cool spaces. Our 1st outing and blog was at an event at Porco Lounge and Tiki Room on W. 25th.

Q.  How can we work together?

A. We love to support and promote local, small business, and organizations. From hosting events at local businesses, to featuring events, and writing sponsored post, there are many ways to collaborate.  Business inquiries click here.

Q. How can I be a part of Black Girl in the CLE? 

A. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter,  stay connected. Read and share our blog posts on social media. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Share our content and events with others.  

Q. Does Black Girl in the CLE accept guest bloggers?

A. We do occasionally. Published bloggers, experts, community figures, and business owners are welcome to contribute content for our hashtag campaigns. Visit Write with Us to learn more.