Peace via the Morning Commute

Written September 2018

There’s something peaceful about riding the RTA in the morning. Being the beginning of Fall the trees and grass are still green and in full bloom. The ride downtown looks like a scenic train ride instead of a morning commute especially between Shaker Square and the E. 55th station.

Arriving at Tower City was also very peaceful this morning. It is during this morning rides that I am reminded of the history and purpose of the Terminal Tower Group plan, to be a hub for transit. After getting my morning coffee at Dunkin Donuts I realize how quite and secure the building is.

The stores aren’t open yet, there is a visible presence of security making sure people move along to their destination. You can hear the music playing on the loud speaker. People come by in spurts, as the trains arrive or from the parking garage but they are on a mission. They are focused on getting to their morning destination.

I’m learning that I was wrong about the RTA and how important it is to so many. I hope that I continue to ride and appreciate the RTA when I’m driving again. So why did I stop riding RTA? From all appearances the people on this train are like me, professionals and other people heading to work or school. On some routes I’ve notices that there is a community of riders. Riders that have befriended each other as they ride the same train everyday. They exchange pleasantries, know each others name and engage in water cooler talk. I think there is something special about starting your day knowing a group of people are looking forward to connecting with you.