Cupcakes, Popcorn and a blast from the past


I’m a cupcake connoisseur always in search of the best cupcakes. I found out about Campbell’s Sweet Factory after visiting the West Side Market location (they have several locations around CLE). I fell in love with their raspberry with cream cheese icing cupcakes.


FLASHBACK - Do you remember Karmelkorn at Randall Park Mall back in the day? Well, Amos Campbell and his family owned and operated the Karmelkorn franchise back then.

Two years ago, when WEWS-TV covered the demolition of Randall Park Mall on the city’s east side, it also did a news story on Campbell’s Sweet Factory. The news story revealed that Jeff Campbell was the former owner of Karmelkorn. He took over the Randall Park location in 1987 from his father.


Listening to this story brought back many memories -- going to Karmelkorn with my grandmother to buy popcorn, shopping at Joseph Horne’s, and playing with the puppies at Petland.


In 2004, he opened the Campbell’s Popcorn Shop at the West Side Market which sells popcorn, chocolates, and cupcakes. Campbell has two retail stores on W.25th and in Lakewood, and planning to open a third location in the Cleveland Arcade. The popcorn is also available in local grocery stores, Hardrock Casino, and the CLE Hopkins Airport.

If you want to grab something salty or sweet, then try Campbell’s Sweet Factory today.