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Dawn presents On The Lookout Jewelry Company

When Erica Young turned 30 in May of 2013, she knew it was time to make a change. She had been working in the eCommerce field when she moved to Cleveland and had learned a ton about marketing, Google analytics, branding and the like. Businesses were being launched through blogs and social media. Businesses were taking chances with pop-up shops. Businesses were supporting one another through bartering and partnerships. All of these observations fueled Erica’s desire to take her hobby and make it into a viable business. So she quit her job!

On The Lookout is a playful brand of unique jewelry with equal parts nostalgic and new techniques in a fresh way for active people. The brand of jewelry is promoted through social media and word of mouth. Her photographs on Instagram are usually set against a clean background to highlight the details of the intricacy of the beadwork. Erica hand looms each of the warrior and surf bracelets, a skill she learned as a young teenager. She continues to hone her craft by taking metalwork courses, studies gemstones as well as attends trade shows to connect with master artists.

“She encourages you to be on the lookout for beautiful, everyday inspiration in your own life, as well as every opportunity the universe provides to help you create a life that you love.” On The Lookout can be found online, at Sanity Boutique - Chagrin Falls, Banyan Tree Boutique - Cleveland and Cleveland Yoga - Cleveland as well at The Cleveland Flea.