Get Fit, Train Pretty and Keep Your Hair Looking Good

by Nanekia Ansari

There is a common misconception that black women do not work out. Why? Mainly because of our hair. Can you blame us?! The average cost to maintain a decent hairstyle with your own hair can cost anywhere from $45-80, every 2 weeks, totals out to be close to $100-200+ per month, and that’s with the hook-up. Just imagine if you add in specialty styles like weaves, braids, the list can go on. But I digress, let’s get back to the subject at hand. Do black girls workout? The answer… HELL YES!

I bet you are wondering where we work out, if we go hard, if we bust a sweat. Stop wondering because what I am about to reveal to you will blow your mind. There is a WHOLE studio located right in South Euclid, Ohio that embraces the seductive and sultry curves of the black women. I’m talking about Pretty Girls Train Fitness Studio located at 4440 Mayfield Road ($5 drop in for each class or check out their membership). The leader of this tribe of fearless goddesses is Chastity Montgomery, who herself battled with the bulge and won. Now she has taken her knowledge and dope dance moves to encourage other women of color to get healthy and embrace their curves while doing so.

Upon first entering the queendom, I was nervous, I mean I dance in the mirror, when I’m a little tipsy, but never in a room full of women and choreographed. I was hesitant, would I embarrass myself?! I can’t turn back now, the music drops, the countdown begins and before I know it all self-doubt is gone, and I am winding my hips, twerking it out, and pretty training with the best of them. (Side note: this was my first workout class in an actual facility in years, so I was, to say the least, a bit out of shape.) In a moment where anxiety starts to creep in and I question whether I can keep going I hear a voice “COME ON QUEEN!” There is Chas right there pushing me to go further, to sweat it out, to leave everything I have in me on the floor of that studio. So, what’s a girl to do? It’s time to go hard or go home. I give it my all and at the end of class, I feel like I can conquer anything that comes my way.

So, what about my hair?

Well here’s the thing, just as important as my hair is to me, so is my health. I want to be around to see my children grow up, I want to vacation, I want to visit Rome and dance pretty on someone’s nude beach (bucket list item 57), I won’t be able to do any of this if I don’t take care of myself.

But hey, after Train Pretty a girl still wants to look cute, so below find a few tips to help with your hair care while working out.

1. Invest in products that will strengthen and moisturize your hair. I personally have a cap that draws moisture away from my head to avoid the dreaded poof, along with a good conditioner that doesn’t dry my hair out.
2. Don’t be embarrassed to wear your bonnet or other hair necessities to maintain your style. Let people talk, YOU are the one that paid for that hairstyle, so YOU are the one who must preserve it.
3. Wrap it up! Y’all know what I mean! Comb your hair in that circular motion so that it forms the shape on your head, then tie it down. Do not untie until the next day when it should be dry from all sweat.
4. A girl’s best friend is the ponytail or bun. Use mousse to get you a good tight ponytail or bun, then edge control to you know what, control those edges, tie it down and voila, if done correctly will maintain the style for at least 1-2 workouts. 
5. If you don’t know how to style your own hair and can’t fix it after a hard workout, your best bet may be a braided style which will probably last you the longest out of all the suggestions.

So, there you have it Black Girls workout and we look cute while doing it!

Where do you workout? Share your hair care tips for working out in the comment section below.

Nanekia Ansari is the voice and writer behind Just One Hot Mom the blog and podcast. Her desire to parent each of her children as individuals and develop their creative styles lead her to begin to document their journey and share it with other parents who need support and guidance. As the "Hottest Family" began to share their stories Nanekia noted there were more stories to share from families, from all walks of life, thus the podcast was developed to share those stories. Nanekia is a blogger, motivational speaker, show host, entrepreneur, mentor, and coach. Her specialty is in coaching and mentoring other women to develop life plans to live a successful and healthy life. Tune into her radio show Just One Hot Mom on every Friday at 7pm, subscribe to her podcast on Itunes and YouTube, follow the adventures of her family on the blog at and like/follow them on social media FB: Just One Hot Mom, IG justonehotmom, & Twitter: just1hotmom.

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