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Throughout the past year, Cleveland, Ohio has been the epicenter of many changes in National news, from winning championship titles, to the re-construction of its new bustling East Bank Flats District and Public Square; the word CHANGE describes CLE. But can be said to describe the driving forces behind all the changes? The answer rests in Cleveland’s blossoming small business sector.

I would like to highlight a small business here in the Greater Cleveland Area. I am presenting this business on behalf of Black Girl in the CLE because this business was on in the making for years now and as a minority business, this owner worked her way into being a majority owner.

Ashley Harmon, Owner of Harmon & Company

Ashley Harmon, Owner of Harmon & Company

Since 2005, Ashlynn Hamon set out to prove what passion means, she understood what it means to deliver a quality product and provide the “utmost” customer-centric experience.  Ashlynn had the vision that she explains that her inspiration led to the company that is in full swing today known as “Harmon & Company” 2016.

Harmon and Company is a minority owned company that offers everything from Sweet Treats, specializing in personalized Cupcakes and conducts event planning services for any occasion.  

Harmon and Company was inspired by the birth of the Harmon Twins Allie & Bella.  The Harmon & Company motto is “Everybody has to start somewhere”! and that’s exactly what this mother of two did.

Why Harmon and Company? Aside from the entrepreneurial story lies a deeper. Ashlynn wanted to set her sights not just on owning a business but to be a voice and an example to young women and AFRICAN-American women in the community by being a beacon of support to attract woman working with other women on capital ventures.

Ashlynn believes that there isn’t growth in your business without you as an owner supporting the community and fellow business, especially other women in business.