Brittney Moffatt Discovers the Great Big Home & Garden Show

The Great Big Home and Garden Show was in town at the IX Center, so being the home-lovers (without a home) we are, we went to check it out.

The Great Big Home and Garden Show is a large scale expo where home and landscaping vendors set up booths and exhibits for homeowners (or future home owners like us!) to see what products and services are out there for them.

From home appliances to specialty foods to luxury items like hot tubs and extravagant garden displays there is a to be seen at the Home and Garden Show.

We love the garden and landscape displays at the show, so that’s where we went first. Of course, they were luxurious, jaw-dropping and something we could possibly afford if one of us hits the lottery.

There is a variety of outdoor spaces with amazing additions like waterfalls, stunning gardens, even a pool! It really makes you see what is possible… if you have tons of money.

We thought one of the most creative displays was a wine garden which had giant glasses of wine decorations. I believe that was meant to be my garden.

After we saw all the garden displays and wished it was ours, we headed to the booths. This part of the show isn’t as exciting, especially when you have no home. But, there are some pretty cool products to be seen at the shows. Some which we purchase each year like chip dips!

While there are plenty large vendors at the show, we like supporting many of the local vendors who exhibit as well. This year, we found some adorable Cleveland/Ohio inspired wood decorations that we had to get!

There is a lot of fun stuff you can see at the Great Big Home and Garden Show like new things to put into
your home, speakers like the Property Brothers, and our favorite, Tiny Homes!

The Great Big Home and Garden Show is always something fun to do that comes around every year for a
couple weeks in the winter. If you didn’t go this year, check the I-X Center or Cleveland Convention
Center site around this time next year for tickets!

Brittney Moffatt is the content creator and social media strategist who helps women entrepreneurs build influence, visibility and an engaged audience. As a Cleveland native, she spends time networking, hanging out with her best friend and being the best cat mom. She also runs, According to Brittney, a blog that guides women through “adulting,” career development, and entrepreneurship!