Vendor F.A.Qs

Here are the questions we often get asked by people looking for vendor opportunities

Q- Do you ever have vendors at your event?

A- We welcome vendors for specific events that we host. Some events do not allow for vendors due to space constraints such as our Trivia Nights, and some events we want to keep the focus on the events activity.

Each event is unique and the decision is made for each event.

Q- How can I become get a vendor space at a Black Girl in the CLE event?

A- Each of our vendors are selected from the pool of vendors that we have previously worked with. This helps us ensure the vendor(s) will have a successful sale and that our guest will have an enjoyable experience.

Q- How can I work with you if you only choose people you’ve worked with?

A- Throughout the year we offer vendor pop up shops. Any vendor can apply or sale at these pop-up. Sign up below to be notified about the next pop-up shops

Q- Am I considered an MLM?

A- MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing. An easy way to know is to ask yourself do you make your products or did you buy in to your business?

MLM companies are companies structured like Avon, Paparazzi, Send Out Cards or Pure Romance.

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