What is Black Girl in the CLE?

Black Girl in the CLE is a digital platform, and podcast that is built to share the stories of African American women in the Greater Cleveland area.

Nightlife and so much more

On the surface “Black Girl” is JUST a blog about local events but the platform has grown to talking about women’s health, relationships and other issues affecting our community.

This space is intended to be for Black women of Cleveland to share their experiences around the city but also to push our readers to try new things and go different places.

So why blog about it

Women and especially Black women are very relational. Many of us will shy away from going to an event or local venue if we don’t have someone to go with. Many women wonder, especially if going out by themselves, is this place safe for me or if they will feel welcomed there. Black Girl in the CLE hopes to show off places where African American women can go without feeling unwelcome or out of place.

Why events?

We host events for the same reason we write. For exposure, we’ve frequently heard from our audience, “I’ve always wanted to try” but not matter how much we wrote about, or social media posted about an activity, women were still apprehensive about going out to try it. So we figured why not create that experience so that our readers would be feel confident to attend the activity elsewhere in the city.

The story behind Black Girl in the CLE

Black Girl in the CLE was started in 2016 by Shana Black to provide a space for Black Women to learn about local events that were often not promoted by mainstream media.

Shana began to notice that many African American women were looking to leave Cleveland for places like Atlanta or New York because they felt that there was nothing for them to do socially. Generation X and older women were starting to believe that “all the cool hangout spots are gone” or that the cities nightlife was focused on attracting younger patrons.

As the Gen-Xers were becoming settled in thier careers and looking at becoming empty-nesters, Shana began to wonder for herself and hear from others, what’s next? What does going out look like now that the kids are gone. Many women spoke to realizing that their friends were based on their children and felt like they didn’t have friends. Black women were saying that they didn’t think Cleveland was for them anymore and with that began to take a step back from being active in the city.