MY 1st Summer Solstice Experience

By Asia Armour

This was my first year going to the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Summer Solstice Party. I missed the other years but this was my year to go, and it was an experience. First of all, it is named one of thee biggest parties in Cleveland. That by itself should tell you the stature of this event. If you’re familiar with MIX, which is the first Friday of every month, you'll know that even those parties ROCK!  I’ve done some of my best partying at one of those things.

Any who, I was invited to partake in the festivities. So I picked out a little yellow dress and was off to the ball. When I arrived, there was no where to park my carriage (my Hyundai), like there was no parking at all. I had to park three blocks away (hard eye roll). I found parking and walked to the building and to my horror the line was wrapped around the entrance and proceeded down the sidewalk. So I walked to the end of the line and prepared myself for a long wait. Luckily, the line moved pretty fast and after some mingling with the other people in line the wait was over before I knew it.

I get inside and met with Shana and the first thing on my mind is where’s the food and what’s to drink? I get into the food line, which happened to be much like outside, crowded and a bit of a wait but still went pretty fast. It was a short menu of small Asian themed plates. I wasn’t to sure what a lot of it was so I chose the Asian sticky buns, they were great, I just wish there was more. We ate, grab drinks and walk around inside.

Untitled design (28).png

There’s a DJ playing some beats while his backdrop jumps to the base. It actually looked kinda trippy, but that could’ve just been the alcohol kicking in. We decide that we’re ready to venture onto the next phase of the party and head for the courtyard.

There’s a live band playing upbeat reggae music and getting everyone hyped. There are people everywhere, like this thing is packed. But, it’s great because the energy is high and everyone is having fun. The backdrop to this party is a light show of different words and moving images cast on to the CMA building which adds to the light show and the positive energy in the space.

There are bar stands literally everywhere so you can drink all night as long as you buy drink tickets. I think that was a better idea than just buying the drinks straight out. Another band comes out and they are pretty good. They get the crowd real hyped although I wasn’t exactly sure who they were. I did enjoy them though.

I got to meet a bunch of ecstatic people who were mad cool, and really hype I took a lot of pictures and selfies they’ll be attached below, but I had a great freaking time. I can’t wait to go back next year, it’s like Cleveland’s version of the Met Gala. People dress in themes and go all out, it’s a lot of fun. Make sure to check it out next year. A huge thank you to Black Girl in the CLE for the invitation, it was LIT!

Asia Armour is a local photographer, blogger and occasional podcast guest. Follow her on Instagram @asian_chow