Black Girls Kangaroo Hop?

By Victoria Iworah

As a new relationship and lifestyle blogger, I have been working on getting physically fit after having my son last year. I am slowly working towards my goal and making strides towards losing 60 pounds. I am a transplant to the Cleveland area and have been living here for a little over a year now. Also, I am still slowly learning what this city has to offer me.

A healthy lifestyle is something that I have been working on, and in conversations with my former manager I learned that she was an instructor for this new exercise craze called “Kangaroo Hop”. I know you are thinking hopping like a Kangaroo…? Yes! Same thing I thought at first, but I thought that maybe it would be something different from my normal workout routine, and I am always up for trying new things! 

This past weekend EliteHops had a pop up at No Fat Birthdays Fitness Center in the Willoughby Hills. EliteHops is the “first Kangaroo Jump Fitness Class of its kind” according to their Instagram page. I was extremely nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but I knew that it would be fun.

The class was led by Jenna Gorsuch and it was around forty- five minutes long. Upon arriving, I received a pair of very unusual looking boots.

She gave me time to walk around and catch my balance on the boots. Surprisingly, I caught on very quickly. If you are a mom and you have had a C-section, then you know that your core is extremely weak. This has been one of my main focuses since getting back into a fitness routine.

The music was great! The class took me through five songs. Now I know what you are thinking, only five songs? Trust me those five songs seemed like an eternity. She had everything from the “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid to “Booty” by Jennifer Lopez.

The class is high impact and fast paced. Jenna kept me motivated and showed the moves prior to going into the next song. This helped with learning the moves and gave me time to get water in between. Honestly if you are a newcomer like me you are encouraged to go at your own pace. At times, I would just jump up and down or keep moving to catch my breath. That is how intense this class was.

The music keeps you going and seeing all of the other women moving, kept me from giving up. After going through about 4 songs with high impact hopping, she took us through the last song in which the exercises consisted of squats and running in place with the boots on. Even though it was a challenge, it was sooo worth it. We cooled down by walking around and took some group photos. 

If you are looking for a high impact workout with fun music or just want something physically fun to do with the girls, I highly recommend going to one of the EliteHops classes. I already know I want to try it out again so that I can keep something in my back pocket from the strength training I normally do.

Jenna already has me on her radar for another pop up. Typically, the class is on the West Side in Middleburg Heights. Be sure to check them out if you are interested! Trust me you will need more than 24oz of water for this class, a typical water bottle won’t cut it!

Happy Hopping!

Would you try Kangaroo hopping? Have a cool workout experience you’d like to share. Comment below or submit your post.

Victoria currently lives in the Cleveland area. She is a Nigerian-American from the South, Hilton Head Island, SC to be exact. She is a graduate of the illustrious Howard University, where she studied Marketing. Victoria has always had a knack for giving relationship advice and spilling gems to her friends and family members. A self-proclaimed “street psychologist”. Her only formal training was one Psychology course at Howard. Victoria has simply learned from her life experiences. Her love for relationships run deep and she tries her best to hold on to the good ones and take lessons from the bad ones. Helping make your relationships healthy while learning from her own. Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, or online.