Black Girls ❤️ U Dub Wine Club?

A quick scan of my social media and you'll notice lots of pics taken at a local winery. It's no secret that I'm a die hard fan of Destiny Burn’s CLE Urban Winery in Cleveland Heights. So is Black Girl in CLE considering we've thrown two events there this year - our launch party and the silent disco.

From the moment I first visited last fall, I felt a warm connection to the space, Destiny, and her Blackberry Merlot, hands down my favorite wine ever. A tad on the sweet side (not too much though), the essence of the berry makes this wine. Of course, I like a few others crafted by Dave the Winemaker, but the essence of the berry gets me all the time.

CLE UrbanWinery BlackgirlinCLE
So when I found out about the U Dub Wine Club, I didn't hesitate to join.

For $35-50 per month, U Dub Wine Club members get 2 bottles of wine selected by Destiny, a discount on purchases, a free wine tasting, a chance to help bottle wine, and an invite to a wine tasting/pairing party featuring 2 dishes and wines of the month (with recipes so that members can make the dishes at home).

Zoe CLE Urban Winery Blackgrilincle
I get so excited when the 2nd Wednesday of the month rolls around and July was no exception.

Destiny prepared for club members pulled pork with a barbecue vanilla sauce cooked and served with the Anniversary Blend (a bourbon-barrel aged red blend Reserve wine). We got to keep the special CLE Urban Winery glass it was served in celebration of their anniversary, which I say more about later in the post. There was a mushroom option available for those who don’t do pork. And that roasted vegetable medley with the viognier vinaigrette offered the perfect balance to the sweet and tangy pork.

BlackgirlinCLE CLE Urban Winery01

The wine, the food, but most of all the community is what makes U Dub Wine Club distinct. I’ve met lots of wonderful people in the tasting room. I especially appreciate getting to know Destiny and her story. I’m glad that she had the courage to leave her corporate job and life in Virginia to return home to Cleveland and pursue her dreams. Cleveland wouldn’t be the same if she hadn’t opened the winery a little over a year ago.

PLEASE NOTE: I can’t help but mention that within a short time, Destiny and Cleveland Urban Winery have won several awards, including:

CLE Urban Winery BlackgirlinCLE02
  • Best of Cleveland 2017 winner for Best Local Vineyard/Wine

  • Best of Cleveland 2016 Editor’s Pick winner - wine slushie

  • Best of Heights Best New Business 2017

  • Gold Medal in the 2017 Great American International Wine Competition - North Coast Syrah

Of course, Black Girl in the CLE joined Destiny July 15 for her 1-year anniversary party. I watched her. While we enjoyed each other and the Blackberry Merlot, Destiny worked her tail off making sure that everyone in the winery was taken care of. She didn’t look tired or bothered. And I could tell that she was having a good time.

CLE Urban Winery BlackgirlinCLE
Shana Chauna and Destiny CLEUrbanWinery BlackgirlinCLE

If you haven’t visited Cleveland Urban Winery, you must for more than a fair share of reasons.  

  • Go to a U-Dub Wine Club party.

  • Host a wine bottling party or other event

  • Play Jenga or other board games.

  • Learn how to dance the tango, do yoga, or some other physical activity all while drinking wine.

  • Enjoy the sounds of a featured musical guest.

  • Have great conversations at the tasting bar.

  • Watch Destiny and Dave the winemaker in action.

  • Or just chill on the U lounge and enjoy your glass of wine.

Here's a heartfelt cheers to Destiny and the Cleveland Urban Winery!