Shots Fired? Date Night with Bae

By Kiara Simone

As a young beautiful black woman and entrepreneur in Cleveland. I think that it is important for me to know how to protect myself and to stay ready. The culture is changing, it seems that nothing is off limits anymore including woman and children.

It's 2019, I just turned 30 and I'm ready to live my blessed life and I can't do that in the house. I have witnessed 1st hand how cruel and reckless people can be without any reason and I need to be able to protect me and mine at all cost! I've never shot a firearm before but its a first time for everything.

I get a text from Kasey saying he's coming to get me after his meeting. I asked where we were going and he said somewhere I've been saying I wanted to go so dress casual. Once he picked me up I was on an adventure, I had no idea where I was going and about 30 mins later me and Bae pulled up to Stonewall Limited Gun Shop for a date night.

Soon as I got out of the car, all you heard was gunshots and I thought to myself “Oh shit Kiara, are you really about to shoot a gun?” I was excited and nervous at the same time. The gunshots got louder as I walked onto the showroom floor where I was greeted by Frank.

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He asked if I had been there before and what type of gun we would be shooting. We had a .9 mm CZ and an H and K .22 long assault rifle.  Since this was my 1st time, he asked to see my ID. You have to sign a waiver form and either be 21 to rent a stall or accompanied by someone that is at least 21.

Then he asked if we needed ears, eyes, and bullets? I thought to myself “ears and eyes?” What type of question is that but In order to go inside the shooting range you must have proper eye and ear protection. The glasses are to protect your eyes from gun dust and noise resistant earmuffs help to protect your ear from the loud gunshots.

Before we walked into the shooting range area Bae warned me that it would be loud at 1st but my ears would get used to it. I use to think that all gunshots sound alike but now I see that they don't.

The 1st gunshot I heard when we walked in was so loud I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest.  However, I had to play it cool take a deep breath and relax.

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We put up our target on lane 8. The targets had a big red circle in the center mass of the stomach as the area to shoot instead of the head. They want you to shoot to stop not shoot to kill which makes sense.

The 1st firearm up was the .9 mm CZ. I was instructed to load the clip into the gun while the safety is off, put the bullet in the chamber and then put the safety back on. Put one hand on top of each other over the grip and don't put your finger near the trigger until your ready to shoot. Take the safety off when you are ready. He warned me that this gun would have a little kickback after the shot. I lined my rear sights up with the target then BOOM! I didn't get it in the red but I got close to it.

I’m ready…

I've officially fired a firearm. I felt so empowered like I had just conquered the world. “Aww man, they gave me a gun it's over with,” I thought to myself as I emptied out the rest of the clip into the target. The .9 mm did have a little kick to it and my glasses got foggy from the gun dust, now I know why the glasses were so important.

Next up was the big H and K, it was a .22 long rifle so it shoots pretty light. You can compare it to a BB gun. It was easy to hit the target directly in the red zone with this firearm.

It was much easier to shoot but after a while it became heavy and I got tired of holding it. Which was obvious too! I started shooting any and everywhere. My arms were so tired. I clearly need to start doing some push-ups and getting my strength up because my arms felt like noodles after the first 2 rounds.

After a good 45 mins, I was tired and ready to eat! I really worked up an appetite. shooting is like a stress relief I felt lighter like I could really do this. I can totally see myself owning a firearm one and being able to protect my family.

I looked around at the different firearms while Bae checked out. I heard Frank say that our total was $44.44. We got one-hour of shooting rental, eye and ear protection for two, two cases of bullets and a target all for 44.44. That's not bad and 444 is an angel number. I think after a couple more visits I'll be ready to purchase my first firearm and get my CCW to carry.

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