Support Black Girl in the CLE


At Black Girl in the CLE our mission is to showcase and empower African American women exploring Cleveland and trying new things.

In order to create a truly authentic collection of stories and experiences our bloggers and team volunteer countless hours and spend their hard earned dollars paying for event tickets, event prizes, this website and other administrative cost to keep this project afloat.

If you enjoy the content and/or the message of Black Girl in the CLE consider gifting as a way of saying thanks to the team.

Don't know how much you want to give here are some suggestions..

  • gas money $5-$10

  • buy us a drink $10

  • Pay for our domain $20

  • Pay for one month of the website $30

  • Send us to an event: $40-50

  • Help us produce one of our events $100-$250

  • Pay for the website for one year $216 (it's really $216 and we're in the 216. Kind of cool huh?)

Seriously, use those numbers as a guide but donate whatever you feel in your heart.  We appreciate any and all donations no matter how big or how small.