First Timer at the Cleveland Auto Show

The Cleveland Auto show is in town at the IX Center until Sunday, March 3rd. The auto show is a staple as far as Cleveland events go. To me it signals that winter is coming to an end but it also officially kicks off the start of the car selling season for North East Ohio. Although the show has been around for over 100 years, this is my first trip to the Auto Show.

Oh yea, Chevy makes Corvettes. I think I’d look good in this

Oh yea, Chevy makes Corvettes. I think I’d look good in this

Not going to miss it

The last few years I have been wanting to go to the Auto Show, just to see what it’s about.  Each year it came and when it was over I was always a little mad at myself for not going. As I began to prepare to go this year the initial question was how would I get there? Still relying on the RTA for transportation I wondered is it even accessible via RTA without a long walk in the cold (it wasn’t).

 I mentioned that I wanted to go to a family member and they told me there was free parking. Great but doesn’t help if I don’t have a car, then they said I can borrow their car. With that cleared up, I was apprehensive about being able to afford to go I mean IT IS the Auto Show, but I was pleased to find out the adult tickets are only $14.

When do I go?

The next question was when do I want to go? Besides the new cars, the Auto Show has lots of events and attractions. Did I want to go on Family Day? Or do I want to go on a day when I can meet the local athletes? No, I think this year my focus is the cars and I wasn’t feeling the crowds so I decided to head over on a weekday.

Check out the full schedule of events and attractions

Where do I start?

I arrived with a specific list of cars I wanted to see, Audis, BMWs and all the luxury vehicles I hope to own one day. But then I walked up on the Corvettes. Oh yea, Chevy makes Corvette. I was frozen in my tracks as this beautiful, shiny car was only a few feet in front of me. As I snapped out of my trance I begin to look at the other Chevy cars and trucks.

When I left the Chevy section I remembered my plan. I must check out the BMWs, as I headed over towards the X5s and X7s I was stopped again.

Whoa, a Kia? For real???

Whoa, a Kia? For real???

Wait this is a Kia? Hmmm. Maybe there was more to this auto show thing then I realized. I decided to look for a space to collect my thought and come up with a new game plan. As I wondered around to find a seat I noticed that every car brand deserved a visit. I saw a handicap accessible Cleveland Browns colored Fiat, and Bentley SUVs.

Brows Fiat Black Girl in the CLE

There was something for everyone. You could shoot hoops at Kia, check out the power of RAM trucks and things the kids would enjoy too.

I eventually made it to see the BMWs and Audis but I walked laps around the IX Center floor to make sure I saw everything. Even when I left I felt like, I might have missed something and wanted to stay longer.

Tips for the first timer

  • Wear comfortable shoes- Although I had a map, I will admit I wandered around and around. I wanted to see EVERY car and everything the Auto Show had to offer. I didn’t have my Fitbit on but I probably got all my steps in for the day.

  • Loyal to a car brand? Not anymore- I had a plan, I came in wanting to check out certain car brands and that’s it but then…There were, literally, cars that stopped me in my tracks. I found myself sounding like the Buick ad, That’s a Buick? Then, that’s a Kia? And then that’s a Chevy, and so on and so on. My advice, visit every car brand there is something fun and unique at every stop.

  • Fun for the family- I went solo but the whole time I kept thinking how much my kids would love to be here. In fact I was texting them pics of all the stuff I though they’d like (sorry teachers).

  • Yes there is food- There are food stands and places to sit and eat while you are there.


After my first trip to the auto show, I am hooked. I wish it would be in town longer so I could go a few more times. I get it now, I understand why the Auto Show is such a big deal and I will definitely make this an annual event. I’m already looking forward to going back in 2020.

Did you visit the Cleveland Auto Show? What caught your eye? Would you go again? Let me know in the comments below or check out the rest of our photos